Quick and Easy recipe aloo chaat for a Delicious Snack.

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Hey there! Are you looking for a delicious and flavorful Indian snack to add to your recipe collection? Look no further than this aloo chaat recipe! Made with boiled potatoes, tangy tamarind chutney, and a mix of spices, this snack is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

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Treat yourself to a quick and delicious snack with this recipe aloo chaat – everything you need for the perfect flavourful dish is included here. Beat hunger pangs with this quick and simple aloo chaat recipe! Learn how to make mouth-watering chaat in just a few minutes with our easy guide.

Delicious and unique, this aloo chaat recipe is a must-try! Satisfy your snack craving with this easy, speedy dish made using just a few ingredients. With just a few ingredients and a quick preparation, you can satisfy your snack cravings in no time!

Follow the step-by-step procedure from the instruction below and relish the recipe’s superb taste. We have also attached a video link to this recipe to make this easy. Please share your thought in the comment section and share your love by giving us the star.

How to make recipe aloo chaat?

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Recipe Aloo Chaat

Delicious and unique, this aloo chaat recipe is a must-try! Satisfy your snack craving with this easy, speedy dish made using just a few ingredients.
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Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: Indian Course
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Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Servings: 2 people
Calories: 350kcal
Cost: $2


  • 1 Mixing Bowl
  • 1 Frying Pan


  • 3 No Boiled Potatoes
  • 1 No Finely Chopped Onion
  • Coriander Leaves Chopped
  • 1 No Green Chilly Chopped
  • Chaat Masala
  • Red Chilly Powder
  • Tamarind Chutney
  • Roasted Coriander, Cumin & Dried Red Chilly Powder
  • Salt as per taste
  • Sev/Crispies


  • aloo chaat recipe ingredients
    aloo chaat recipe ingredients
  • Cut boiled potatoes into small cubes or as per choice.
    recipe aloo chaat instruction
  • Heat oil in a Pan and shallow fry the potatoes on high flame
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  • Do not stir continuously to avoid breaking of potatoes
    recipe aloo chaat instruction 2
  • Potatoes are now crispy and golden brown; tilt the pan and allow the oil to separate
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  • Transfer them to a Mixing bowl.
    recipe aloo chaat instruction 4
  • Now add chopped onions, green chillies, and coriander leaves.
    recipe aloo chaat instruction 5
  • Add Roasted coriander, cumin, dried red chilly powder and Chaat Masala
    recipe aloo chaat instruction 6
  • A dash of a chilly red powder
    recipe aloo chaat instruction 7
  • Add Sweet Tamarind Chutney and mix it all.
    recipe aloo chaat instruction 8
  • Transfer it to a serving dish and garnish it with fried and coriander leaves.
    recipe aloo chaat instruction 9
  • Add sev, coriander leaves and red chilly powder on the top, and a delicious Snack of aloo chaat is ready.
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The potato should not be overcooked or mashy
Make sure the potatoes are partially cooked, Cut in small cubes and fry them in hot oil until golden brown
Don’t stir it continuously to avoid breaking of the potato pieces
Add some tamarind chutney and even green chutney for best results
You may even add some pomegranate for a tangy and sweet flavour
Serve hot for better results


Calories: 350kcal